The Xynergy TeamThe Xynergy Team

Consists of seasoned healthcare financial and factoring professionals. They are experienced in dealing with HIPAA regulatory requirements, understand… More »

Who is Eligible

Who is Eligible?

In general, any healthcare provider being paid by medical insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid with at least a volume of $75,000 per month and… More »

Xynergy Healthcare Capital LLCXynergy Healthcare Capital

Is a nationwide financial services company providing customized Medical Accounts Receivable Finance programs exclusively for the healthcare industry. The… More »

Who BenefitsWho Benefits?

Healthcare organizations including specialty clinics and centers, specialty service providers, DME/HME companies Medical Transport and other… More »

How Do I Get StartedHow Do I Get Started?

Call us Toll Free (855) 358-8258 There is no fee to have us review your application and receive a proposal, apply or send us an email to… More »

Xynergy Healthcare Capital LLC can provide your medical or healthcare organization with the cash flow it needs to grow, be profitable, and surpass financial goals. With healthcare factoring and cash flow solutions, we can help provide enough working capital for your organization to grow. When you have limited access to financing, we can enhance your financial flexibility by increasing cash flow to assist with your short-term or long-term financial strategies.

Simply fill out Xynergy Healthcare Capital’s online Medical Account Receivable Finance application along with a few supporting documents, and you can having the working capital you need within 24-48 hours of a claim submission. Contact us today to learn more or if you have any questions about our healthcare factoring services.